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"We put service above all else and focus on patients and their happiness. " - Dr. Tanada-Lee


Amelia Gomez | Dental Assistant

Working as a front desk /coordinator together with Dr Tanada for 13 years , I do many things , chiefly provide support for Dr Tanada as well as support for the patient , schedule appointments, making sure treatment ,

financial planning are discussed and explained .

What inspires me being a dental assistant is seeing a new patient transform from fearful and ashamed of their dental health, leave at the completion of treatment confident to continue care with us and proud to smile
about it.

Elsie R. |Dental Assistant

Dr. Geraldine Tanada Lee DDS | Family Dentist

"We put service above all else and focus on patients and their happiness."

When Dr. Geraldine Tanada-Lee, DDS, decided to build her new dental practice in Bakersfield City, CA., she wanted the office to be as comfortable as possible for her patients. She spared no expense adding equipment, technology and decor that would contirbute to a relaxing and stress-free dental experience.

Dr. Tanada-Lee graduated from dental school at Centro Escolar University, Philippines 1991. She completed her additional dental training course after migrating to California at Loma Linda University in 1995 and still continues to attend dental education courses to expand her knowledge and stay current with the rapid innovations in the dental industry.

Dr. Tanada-Lee enjoys spending times with her friends and family, doing arts and crafts with her 10 year old daughter, Alexis. Travels with her husband Dr. Alex Lee, MD who she is happily married to for 14 years now. Dr Tanada stays fit by playing tennis and eating healthy meals.


Rosa Perez | Dental Assistant

I'm always striving to master new skill sets and do whatever I can to add value to the office . I love what I do as a dental assistant and love to comfort fearful
patients by putting them at ease and reassuring them they will be getting the best absolute care from my doctor.







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